A Journey from Venice to Athens

Embarking on a luxury cruise from the picturesque city of Venice, passengers are welcomed aboard a vessel that exudes elegance and sophistication. The journey promises to be a seamless blend of opulence and adventure, offering an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

As the ship sets sail from Venice, guests are treated to breathtaking views of the city's iconic canals and historic landmarks, including the grandeur of St. Mark's Square and the timeless beauty of the Doge's Palace. The onboard ambiance is one of refined luxury, with spacious cabins adorned with plush furnishings and amenities to ensure utmost comfort throughout the voyage.

The first port of call is Rijeka, Croatia, where passengers have the opportunity to explore this charming coastal city known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. From strolling along the bustling Korzo promenade to discovering the historic Trsat Castle perched atop a hill overlooking the city, Rijeka offers a glimpse into Croatia's vibrant past and vibrant present.

Continuing the journey, the cruise makes its way to the enchanting island of Hvar, renowned for its sun-drenched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. Guests can indulge in leisurely walks through the cobbled streets of Hvar Town, adorned with elegant Venetian palaces and ancient fortresses, or bask in the Mediterranean sun on one of the island's pristine beaches.

Next on the itinerary is the scenic port of Kotor, Montenegro, nestled amidst the dramatic landscapes of the Bay of Kotor. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the town's rich history, exploring its well-preserved medieval old town and climbing the ancient city walls for panoramic views of the bay below.

The cruise then makes its way to Brindisi, Italy, a coastal gem steeped in history and culinary delights. Guests can wander through the winding streets of the old town, discovering hidden piazzas and sampling traditional Apulian cuisine at local trattorias. For those seeking cultural enrichment, a visit to the ancient Roman ruins of Egnazia offers a fascinating glimpse into Italy's storied past.

Finally, the cruise concludes in Nydri, Greece, a picturesque town located on the island of Lefkada. Surrounded by lush greenery and azure waters, Nydri offers the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can spend their days lounging on pristine beaches, exploring hidden coves by boat, or venturing into the nearby mountains for breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea.

Throughout the journey, guests are pampered with impeccable service, gourmet dining experiences featuring the finest regional cuisine, and a plethora of onboard activities and entertainment options. From cultural excursions and wine tastings to rejuvenating spa treatments and glamorous evening soirees, this luxury cruise from Venice to Athens promises an unforgettable voyage filled with indulgence, exploration, and unparalleled beauty.

Depart Marghera (Venice) @ 8:00pm
Friday, 9/6/2024

Delve into ancient palaces, century-old galleries, and modern-day exhibits as you whirl through Venice. Walk through masterpieces, catch an opera, gaze at medieval buildings, blow Murano glass and drift down the Grand Canal by gondola to visit churches, convents and campi “squares” that vary in spirit and scale. Cross hump-backed bridges, reach teeming Piazza San Marco’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, or duck down passages to escape reality. From palazzos to perfumeries and the must-see Bridge of Sighs, you’re only moments from a place of beauty in this liquid-gold city of treasures.  

Rijeka, Croatia
Saturday, 9/7/2024

As your journey unfolds, discover the coastal elegance of Rijeka, Croatia. This historic port city beckons with a blend of cultural richness and maritime charm. Stroll along Korzo, Rijeka's bustling main street, lined with lively cafes and shops. Immerse yourself in the city's history at Trsat Castle, perched atop a hill with panoramic views of the Adriatic. Explore the vibrant marketplaces, where local flavors and crafts come to life. With its maritime heritage and architectural treasures, Rijeka invites you to embrace its authentic Croatian spirit. As you continue your exploration, the memories of Rijeka's coastal allure will linger, adding a touch of Adriatic magic to your journey.

Hvar, Croatia
Sunday, 9/8/2024

Receive a warm welcome in carefree Hvar, with its smattering of historical monuments and Venetianera stone houses that cling to hills above a palm and superyacht-lined harbour. Call into the Grand Piazza, complete with baroque cathedral and Venetian castle. Beyond the fortified capital, view an ocean-backdrop monastery and the legendary ‘Last Supper’ painting. Reach tiny pine-coated Pakleni islets for some secluded wellbeing, grasp glamour at sea-lapping Carpe Diem and set off through wafts of lavender to isolated Humac or Stari Grad. A warm welcome awaits in the historical elegance of carefree Hvar.

Kotor, Montenegro
Monday, 9/9/2024

Comely Kotor Bay, a lesser-travelled amphitheatre etched into the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, welcomes with hypnotic jade waters encircled by emerald-crowned slopes. Sheltered in the fjord’s angelic embrace, Kotor Old Town beckons as a fairy-tale city whose formidable walls, Romanesque churches and medieval bastions have witnessed the highs and lows of masked carnivals and devastating earthquakes. Italian and Mediterranean influences flavour the cuisine, where gelato and brodetto accompany fresh Adriatic seafood. Uphill, the Church of our Lady of Remedy affords spectacular views of Kotor’s red-tiled UNESCO World Heritage rooftops, a manmade jewel amongst landscapes where the inspired will wander.

Brindisi, Italy
Tuesday, 9/10/2024

Brindisi's historic heart is rich in multi-layered monuments and finds from the days of Spartacus. Farther afield, the gleaming white villages of Ostuni or the slightly smaller and possibly even quainter, Cisternino. Head east to the Baroque Town of Lecce or west to witness the traditional conical huts (trulli) in and around World Heritage Site, Alberobello. Lecce, or 'Florence of the South', is rife with art, history and culture. If peace and quiet appeal, waft through rural Torre Guaceto's nature reserve and empty beaches or take a jaunt on the Adriatic to Polignano's sea caves. Puglia's 'little ear' pasta and squid's ink gnocchi are must-try delicacies, and with 60 million olive trees, they are rich in liquid gold. Brindisi serves up the best of Puglia. 

Nydri (Lefkada), Greece
Wednesday 9/11/2024

Slip into the classical world on Lefki Petra, meaning white rock. Considered by some scholars to be Homer’s Ithaca, this Ionian pearl is connected to the mainland via a narrow causeway. On the island’s east coast, Nydri offers a wide natural harbour and marine reserve with spellbinding views to a scatter of islands and sailboats peppering the bluest sea. The lively marina brings plentiful tavernas and beaches with a lush olive-strewn mountain backdrop inviting a hike to to Nydri waterfalls and a dip in the cool pools below.  

Sailing at Sea
Thursday 9/12/2024

Enjoy the ship board activities on the Explora I

Athens, Greece
Friday 9/13/2024 Disembark 7:00am

Athenians don’t live in the past. Ahead of its time, Athens exudes glamour and a sense of possibility - housing galleries, gelaterias, bijoux boutiques alongside a plethora of museums. And you can’t help but marvel at the archaeological wonders of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Stroll through vibrant streets and markets, dance at buzzing bouzoukia, sing along in tavernas. At night, head to the harbour, where dimly lit bars serve the local ice cold beer. And, as you inhale the salty air and watch Greek fishing boats peacefully depart for their catch, reflect on this ancient city's progressive attitude.